Prada is one of the few and rare examples of a fashion brand that has evolved into a real universe. The brand was born in 1913 when Mario Prada opened the first leather shop in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. The Prada brothers specialized in leathers, bags and trunks received a great success, so as to become official suppliers of the Royal House of Savoy. After Mario's death the company spent a short time in the hands of the daughters Nanda and Luisa.

But the real metamorphosis of the brand began in 1977 when Miuccia, daughter of Luisa, began to take care of the company. The meeting with Patrizio Bertelli, her future husband, gave life to a corporate partnership that allowed a slow but profound change of the brand. Prada is a brand that differs from the others for its communicative method, as it moves on various fronts: fashion, art and architecture are three worlds of the Prada universe that perfectly embody the essence of the designer and help to create the unique image of the brand. 


Miuccia Prada has always interpreted fashion with a refined and personal taste, linked to art, literature, music and cinema. The brand has in fact been able to interpret concepts often left aside in the fashion world, such as that of ugliness, managing to find the perfect balance between minimalism, refinement and eccentricity, often mixing traditional fabrics with technical ones, without ever making mistakes.

What makes the brand unique is the ability to evolve into a real universe, bringing on the catwalk influences of pop and contemporary art: the Prada woman is an ironic woman but always elegant, feminine but never vulgar, strong and self-confident. We choose Prada because she dresses women who are not afraid of being women.

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