In 2007 Clara Molly and her husband John found Memo Paris. Their concept of perfume is driven by the emotion of travel, to the discovery of magical places and refined raw materials. Clara, raised in Andalusia and John, grew up in the Irish countryside, met by cable car, where they discovered their mutual love for travel and decided to undertake one together.

From here comes the inspiration for the four Luxury Perfumes Collections of Memo, whose name comes from the memories (memories) that Clara has collected in her various travels.


We like Memo because through their motto "The journey is the destination" they show us a new way of conceiving fragrances, as something that reminds us and others of a past experience, a distant place, a forgotten feeling.

The personality that expresses these scents is different from each other, through the different fragrances allows you to travel in the world and in time, as wrapped in a magical cloud.

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