The Gucci brand was born in Florence form an idea of Guccio Gucci, who decided to import in Italy an aristocratic and refined taste. In 1921, he opened in his hometown a small luggage boutique in Piazza della Mercanzia and at the same time he founded a company of artisan leather goods. In a few years the shop becomes a fundamental step for tourists in Florence, who crowd the shop in search of the infamous suitcases, bags, gloves and all the leather goods made by the Florentine master.

From here begins the brand identity, characterized by reference to the equestrian world, with the distinctive clamp and the green-red-green lines typical of the saddle girth, which will remain the peculiarity of Gucci and still make the brand strongly recognizable. After the succession of artistic directors such as Tom Ford and Frida Giannini, the entry of Alessandro Michele as unique creative director in 2015 marks a turning point for the Florentine brand.


Thanks to Alessandro Michele, the Gucci brand has been able to bring a wave of innovation in the world, but above all in the culture of fashion, within a brand that was in decline in the recent past. The contemporary style mixed with vintage taste has brought Gucci back into the limelight, giving it the title of the most loved by millennials and the most desired brand in the world: the combination of philosophy, pop culture, music and cinema references conquers all and highlights the beauty ideal of Michele.

What we like most about Gucci is that it always manages to be actual and to move with the times while not renouncing to educate the public and respecting the heritage that the brand has been pursuing for almost 100 years. With this approach, fashion returns to a dimension that we are no longer used to, and that is that fashion is a way of being more than a way of appearing, a universal language, a critical point of view, what we need to express.

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