Ottavio Missoni and his wife Rosita Jelmini meet on the occasion of the London Olympics in '48, where Ottavio is positioned at the sixth place of 400 meters. Missoni had already started her career producing woolen sportswear while Rosita came from a tailor's family: when the two got married in 1953 they decided to open together a small knitwear shop in Gallarate. In 1958 they presented their first collection in Milan, starting the fashion house towards a long series of successes. The inspiration of the brand and its wise use of colors and textures makes the brand recognizable all over the world and appreciated in Italy and particularly abroad, so that the famous Bloomingdale's store in New York in 1978 decided to open a Missoni store.

The brand, at the top of its success in the mid-‘70s, decided to expand its production to accessories, jewelery, fragrances, household linen and furniture. Since 1997 the sons Vittorio, Luca and Angela, the current creative director, have taken over the family business, leading the Missoni fashion house towards a brilliant future.


Missoni is one of the most recognizable brands thanks to the distinctive traits that made it unique. The style of the maison is called ‘put together’ for the mixture of different colors, patterns and materials that at first glance allows us to identify Missoni among other brands. The Maison has created countless jacquard, floral and geometric patterns, of which the zig-zag remains the most representative, all rigorously of the highest quality craftsmanship Made in Italy, designed and produced by the brand itself.

Wearing Missoni means wearing fashion, art and design, means having a different point of view on fashion. Spontaneity and creativity are part of the Missoni woman, who loves to dare with materials and colors, with prints and embroideries, distinguishing herself with ease in the urban jungle.

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