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Veronica Varetta, designer of the fine jewelry brand Lil, was born in Milan in 1992. At the age of 22 she was an art end economy student at Cattolica University in Milan and a babysitter. At that time, she could'nt find the jewelry that combine her economic availability and her personal tastes. But she had a clear idea of how the jewelry  had to be: solid gold + essential design + something to wear everyday. As a simple ad elegant tattoo. So she decided to start designing her idea of jewelry by herself: she looked for a goldsmith able to produce them, and then, Lil was born.

Each Lil jewels is handmade in Milan in nine or eighteen carats of solid gold. Love for beauty and passion for goldsmith art remains two of the main values of the brand. Nowadays Veronica lives between New York and Milan, she loves challenges and push herself out of the box. 


LIL represents what many girls want to express: delicacy and simplicity with great attention to detail. It was born to bring a touch of elegance in everyday life, its minimal and clean design makes it perfect for any occasion.

Every little piece of LIL has a great personality, they are one of those accessories that we never take off and that make us feel unique.

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