The brand is part of the Prada Group, founded in 1993, takes its name from the nickname of its creator, Miuccia Prada. Wanting to represent a line detached from the aesthetics of traditional fashion, avant-garde and almost anti-fashion, decides with Miu Miu to dress a different woman, far from the classic, emancipated and contemporary canons. This is how the new brand of the Prada brand is affirmed on the market, immediately winning many adepts, women looking for a new style, who experiment and feel free to play with fashion and express themselves. In just one year of activity of the brand, Miuccia Prada is awarded the CFDA International Award as best designer, in particular for the use of materials and color combinations.

Since 2011, Miu Miu presents every year Women's Tales, a series of short films that treat all female stories from different points of view, made by avant-garde filmmakers such as Zoe Cassavettes, Chloë Sevigny and Agnès Varda. Each episode is dedicated to the exploration of contemporary femininity.


It is a brand that has certainly been able to innovate in the fashion industry, through references to different historical periods and the search for the interpretation of a modern woman, the ability to play with elements that come from the world of men's fashion, non-compliance to the standards of traditional aesthetics that make Miu Miu a highly recognizable brand. With this brand, Miuccia Prada explores femininity in a bold and creative way, telling a rebel, independent, energetic woman, who likes to experiment, who wants to express her sensuality and irreverence with awareness and elegance.

A woman who wears Miu Miu conveys a message to the viewer, she wears not only clothes but a contemporary culture of retro inspiration, ironic and provocative.


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