Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, a couple both in work and in life, began their activity in 2000 in a small atelier in Marghera town, creating a high quality artisan product and positioning themselves as pioneers in the luxury sneakers market. In a short time the brand has grown by establishing itself all over the world, reaching the opening of flagship stores in the main fashion capitals such as Milan, Paris, London and Tokyo.

The sneakers won the cult-shoes title, but the brand also offers luxury casual clothing and accessories for men and women that combine Made in Italy and refinement in materials, streetwear and fashion luxury, elegance and modernity. A style full of artistic references that has given the brand a collaboration with the Venice Biennale, to celebrate the artists who have lived the Venice Beach scene since the '60s. In recent years the brand has seen its popularity grow exponentially, winning both the European and the overseas audience.



Golden Goose is a versatile brand, that manages to satisfy the needs of a varied audience, even of a very different age. The brand offers solutions both for sporty outfits and for casual-elegant looks, such as sweaters and printed sweatshirts, vintage leather jackets with a crafted effect and impeccable quality materials, accessories to match with cult sneakers. Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is in fact known for shoes, which are often appreciated for finishing and for comfort, characterized by used details inspired by skateboarding sneakers.

With many different models the craftsmanship plays an important role: because of being a handmade product every pair of sneakers is totally unique, since the realization of the details depends on the craftsman who performed the work. This is how the brand guarantees the highest quality product and unique in its kind.

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